Trends We Covet: Rainbow Highlights

Unicorn Hair, Rainbow Highlights, whatever you want to call it, Fashion Focused LOVES it! So much so, we did it ourselves! Lidia shares her Rainbow highlights inspiration:

Unicorn Hair

I’ve been on a ‘I need a drastic change’ binge as of lately. And to avoid doing something super permanent like getting another tattoo, I decided just to go semi-permanent, hair color that is! Ombre hair is out. Lets face it. I know, its sad, but its done. Lets just admit that together.

So whats the newest hair trend? Unicorn Hair and Rainbow highlights! I’ve been seeing it everywhere. Let’s breakdown the difference. Unicorn hair is where the entire head of hair or the tips (unicorn tips) is a different color like, teal, purple, or any pastel family color. My favorite Unicorn Haired girl is current and ever so ‘secretive’ Covergirl model Charlotte Free.

Rainbow Highlights is what I adopted. I’ve been dying for a little ‘badass-ary’ in my look. So little peaks of colored highlights in fuschia, teal, purple and blue throughout my head.  Since the change, I have felt more confident, daring and all around more creative! I’ve been very please with the general reaction. I am frequently stopped at the grocery store line and complement on my unique hair!

559699_4450624538421_1731094595_n FashionFocusedRainbowhighlights

Rainbow highlights or Unicorn Hair is a great way to drastically change up your look and stand out from the crowd. Fashion is all about setting yourself apart. There are so many ways to make your Unicorn Hair or your Rainbow Highlights completely your own. Change up the colors, do just one color or even an ombre version of it all. -Its the only way ombre is acceptable anymore.



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